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Customized training will increase employee satisfaction and retention rates, and also improve your bottom line.

As we identify your needs and then design, develop, and deliver company-specific training in programs.

We offer a variety of course delivery options including at your workplace, venues, luncheons, events, retreats, conferences, centers.  Whatever your training needs, large or small, the Workforce Training Department is prepared to work with you to grow your employees and your bottom line.

The Importance of Workplace and Corporate Wellness Programs

Most people spend more hours at work and commuting than anywhere else.  It is, therefore, easy to see why maintaining a healthy work/life balance is becoming increasingly important.  Workplace and corporate wellness programs are one way to establish this balance and to promote the well-being of the employee / employers, and organization in general.

Many companies are starting to realize the tremendous benefits of corporate wellness. 

The Joy Events LLC  Workplace Wellness Programs and Corporate Wellness Programs incorporate helpful modalities like yoga,  meditation, breathwork, along with " Technology For Your Psychology " Presentations and  " Living Life As A Joyful Being:  be ready for whatever life brings! "  workshops presented by author speaker Joy Jangdhari recommended by entrepreneurs, Doctors, Teachers, Psychologists! Included in these presentations are stress reduction techniques and weight management tools as well as nutritional counseling. 

Organizations that implement this type of wellness program experienced a reduction in employee injuries, illness, absenteeism, and healthcare costs, as well as an increase in employee retention and productivity.

The bottom line is you should take advantage of the many benefits of corporate wellness.  Make it a goal to implement a program as soon as possible - don't wait until most of your employees are stressed, sick or applying to other jobs.

Assuming responsibility for establishing a healthy, harmonious working environment will allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of Workplace & Corporate wellness.

Benefits to Your Company

Employee Retention Keeping your employees healthy and happy keeps them working for you.  By giving them more incentives, you keep your valuable people.

Less Sick Days Recent studies have shown that employees who are unhealthy, stressed, or overworked tend to become sick much more often than healthy employees.

Less Long-Term Disability  Unhealthy employees experience a wide range of work-related injuries and are also susceptible to developing complications such as diabetes, heart disease, a stroke or other serious illnesses.  Consequently, they could find themselves on long-term disability for an extended period of time or be forced to discontinue working entirely.  

Increased productivity  A positive attitudes towards themselves and their careers help employees work better.

Smarter Employees Increased mental acuity.

Reduce Healthcare Costs When employees are healthy and less stressed they tend to rely less on costly programs such as disability insurance and sick leave.

 Less Work-Related Injuries Healthier, more alert/more focused employees experience less work-related such as muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures or back pain.

Technology For Your Psychology program has great benefits for  your company and employees

This program allows the participant to understand and recognize thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs and how it affects the group.

Yoga, meditation and breathwork help to reduce muscular tension and to balance the autonomic nervous system.  It provides freedom from mental stress and leads to the attainment of a tranquil mind, thus helping the immune system by limiting its reactions to stress and strain.

Practiced regularly, the body and mind and energized, and creativity and intuition are enhanced,  yoga and meditation re a systematic way of enhancing our innate talents in daily life.  

These practices, along with our other wellness tools can help employees reduce illness, injuries and promote an overall sense of well-being. 

Other Specific Documented Benefits: 

  • Improve Body Image
  • Reduced Chances of Heart Disease
  • Increased Energy and Endurance
  • Reduced Hypertension
  • More Self-Confidence
  • Improved Stress Management 

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Our group classes are highly effective in helping individuals manage chronic pain and im many cases eliminate it completely.


The power of correct breathing is explained and taught for use on a daily basis.

Weight Management

Assessment of needs, development of individualized diet plans and teaching of easy techniques that support and instill compliance.

One-on-One Personal Training 

For those who desire one-on-one supervision for their personal growth and development.  We offer individual yoga. meditation and fitness classes at our premises or your employees achieve peak performance.

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