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Operation Dare To Care


Operation Dare To Care is an organization, founded by Joy Jangdhari to provide healing programs for veterans and their families. It has since expanded to include other groups in need of healing.

Programs promote and encourage the development of a clear understanding mind, which reduces stress and anxiety, creates healthier choices, and stimulates fresh perspectives and new possibilities.

OUR MISSION to teach mind-changing techniques that promote strength, dignity, and clarity of purpose.

Let's assist our Community members to REBUILD - REBALANCE & RE-ENTER!

 Providing evidence-based programs using practical methods to increase Emotional & Social Intelligence, facilitate well-being & improve stress responses changing "Wounds to Wisdom" through Community love & support.


Technology For Your Psychology 101

Veterans Programs


The Technology For Youe Psychology  Veterans Program draws from three theories:  Teh Social Cognitive Theory, The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)  and the Theory of Planned Behaviors.

These theories have been shown to be of great value in understanding a wide range of health-related behaviors. 

There are two major concepts included in these theories (1) self-efficacy or perceived behavioral control beliefs, which are defined as people's in the ability to take part in behavior.

e.g. abstinence from emotional uproars, and (2) outcome expectancies or behavioral beliefs, which are beliefs about the consequences of their behavior.  Experience shows that all of the beliefs below are critically important to change behavior.  The Technology For YOur Psychology Program activities addresses each of these concepts.

Below is a description of the two types of self-efficacy or perceived behavioral control beliefs emphasized in Technology For Your Psychology.

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
Many people find it difficult to abstain from emotional upsets because of not understanding mind/body connection.   Therefore, they are less likely to practice emotional management.  In module 2 participants learn about the mind and the many different facets that affect stress levels.  in module 5 and 6, they learn how to react when buttons get pushed and rider the emotional wave/climb the emotional hill.
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