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Recommended by Doctors, Counselors, Teachers & Entrepreneurs!

Joy Events LLC - CEO Author / Keynote speaker Joy Jangdhari

A tool kit for self-management.  

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Joy Events LLC Programs 

Living Life As A Joyful Being; be ready for whatever life brings!


Technology For Your Psychology

Create positive change in our education system that combines neuroscience, mind-body training, and social and emotional learning to create the leaders of the future.

Joy Events NYC is actively working with health care professionals, businesses, colleges with personal and professional development programs.  These programs are recommended by Doctor. Teachers, Psychologists, and Entrepreneurs.  

We teach a variety of techniques that promote team building, physical health (through movement and exercise), focus, mindfulness, emotional wellness, confidence, & creativity.

 Joy Events Education programs is created to help participants to self regulate their emotions while growing positive, balance and confident leaders.  

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