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 Corporate Wellness Programs!

Technology for your Psychology

Internal motivation usually manifests as a passion for learning knowledge, as well as optimism and the ability to overlook monetary or professional setbacks.

To this end, we recognize that character establishing the "code of r personal excellence" is of the utmost importance.

This means recognizing that self-actualization exists with oneself.

  • Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of excellent job performance.
  • 90% of the top performers have high Emotional Intelligence.
If these stats are surprising to you, they should offer hope as well.

It is important to get a jump on Emotional intelligence to broaden perspective and to lighten the emotional load.

EI improves:

  1. Self-Awareness -We defined as understanding moods and emotions both your own and others and acting appropriately in reaction to them,
  2. Balance- We define this concept as "living your best life" and what we mean by that is remembering that there is more to life.  Living life in the highest caliber ​that you,. desire.
  3. Self- Regulation-  The ability to use rational thinking to avoid disruptive emotional impulses. People with strong self-regulation skill adapt easily to new situations, display calm in the face of adversity, and inspire confidence in others.
On the basic level, this can mean new techniques for problem resolution.


"All learning has an emotional base"- Plato

Personal and Professional achievements were often determined solely by the ability to master your "IQ" intelligence quotient.  We now know the "EI" Emotional intelligence "EQ" emotional quotient is equally important.

Emotional Intelligence

Scientific research has indicated when people have emotional intelligence they benefit from it in all areas of life.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional and social Intelligence are the buzz words for the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions, you're own as well as others.  It is now lucrative in the workplace.  It is important to understand our own emotions as well as the ability to understand, interpret and respond to the emotions of others.  As we now know the mind is not separated from the body and when they are both in proper order and alignment we can live life to the fullest! 

Behavioral Health Services 

Corporate Training Presentations / Talks

Living Life As A Joyful Being; be ready for whatever life brings!


Technology for your Psychology programs

celebrates the gift of human creativity and innovation 

and overcoming emotional traps!

*Leadership- Someone who thinks above his own personal needs and does what is needed.  If you are doing what is needed around you joyfully depending on the capability, each person will rise.  

   Having Emotional and Social Intelligence is being clear and being authentic mastering your own emotions is very important. 

Essential Life Skills 

Creating a higher level of performance in the modern corporate and business environments.

In this program the participants will learn some fundamental principles that you can use to better understand and resolve problems in the workplace, in personal relationships. 

Consider this program the beginning of a journey to a greater understanding and improvement of life.  Personal and professional achievements are now being measured not just by your IQ but now by your EQ.

"Technology for your Psychology" is being used with great enthusiasm and success by educators and is highly recommended by the top Doctors, Counselors, Teachers and Entrepreneurs!

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