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The Study of Possibilities!

To lighten the emotional load!

What keeps us from experience Truth Bliss Consciousness?

What keeps us from experiencing Truth- Bliss - Consciousness are obstructions both obvious and subtle and through these obstructions, a disharmony is created within us both obvious and subtle.

  • Hidden conflict
  • Unknowledgeable suffering 
  • Deep feelings of alienation 
  • Despair 
  • Loneliness
  • Emotional trauma
  •  Separation that lodges itself into a mental disturbance 
  • Through self study you will look at any beliefs, fears ractions and desires that limit you and keep you from living fully authentically and joyfully.  
  • You will open doors to the many different facets of your life.  You will uncover masks you made for yourself to protect and survive in this world.  You will create the awreness and  balance of a clear and understanding mind.

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