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Definition: A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstance's, mood, or relationships with others.  

Basic Characteristics Upsurge of energy

Emotions pull on you, they control your actions and they guide you throughout your life.  The emotional state you are in has a lot to do with the environment that you will be creating for yourself,  If something happens to you that is unpleasant and you are in a good emotional place, it can be a totally different experience.

In this session, we will look at how our emotions are formed and how they affect us.

The intelligent way of dealing with emotions 

 is to try to relate with their basic substances, the abstract quality of the emotions so to speak. 

The basic "isness" quality of the emotions, the fundamental nature of the emotions, is just energy.  And if one is able to relate to energy then the energy has no conflict with you.  It becomes a natural process.

So trying to suppress or getting carried away by the emotions become irrelevant once a person is completely able to see their basic characteristic, the emotions as they are.

The barrier, the wall between you and your projections, the hysterical and paranoid aspect of your relationship to your projections, has not been removed- but seen through.

When there is no panic involved in dealing with the emotions, then you can deal with them completely, properly.

Then you are like someone completely skilled in his profession, who does not panic, but just does his work completely, thoroughly.

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