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Establish Your Relationship

Your most important companion and it's structure the mind.

awareness skills

The more you develop your awareness skills, the more things you will note, and the more present, connected and intuitive you will become.  Increasing your self-awareness is not just about stopping to smell the roses,, but about becoming more effective at adapting to changing circumstances and recognizing new opportunities and possibilities for your life.

Every human being who wants to excel and to develop the character and caliber that upholds the values of the soul needs a direct, fundamental relationship to the mind.

You must have a basic practical understanding of the min's conception:
  • Conception
  • Properties
  • Aspects
  • Projection
This is the minimum requirement to develop human sensitivity.

So prepare yourself for an intense study.

Not an intellectual debate.

But an intelligent confrontation with your own experience.

It is a critical need to know your own mind.  To identify its functions, capacities, and projections and to have a relationship with it.

The study and psychology of the mind for human excellence.

By conquering your mind you can conquer the world.  

Lets me give you some opening statements. 

They are truths to invite you and provoke you in this study.

  • Mind is your best friend and your worst enemy.
  • For all your troubles your own mind is responsible for your successes, your mind is doing it.
  • The mind has an essential faculty to be faster than time and space.
  • As such, it is so dangerous that you can do things that are delusional, imaginative, and unintentional.
  • And equally, it is so beneficial that you can create things that can be miracles.

How to Get Past The Attachment To Experience Pleasure and Avoiding Pain.

Let's look at why you would let go, to help you understand the "how" of letting go.

Calming The Mind

Stress is a condition of anxiety caused by an inability, or perceived inability, to cope with a situation.  

It does not even have to be true only thought or assumed to be so.

Stress is the tension created by the difference between what is happening and what you want to happen.

Stress and pressure are not only terns to express your emotional feelings, these things are actually happening in your body.  If you feel trapped in a traffic jam, in a relationship, or in a job, you feel an inability to successfully negotiate a change for the better in your life.  Your heart works harder, your blood vessels become constricted, your body temperature rises and your breath more rapidly, but get less oxygen with each shallow breathe,  

By calming the mind, you are creating a peaceful space within yourself so you can see how you are being.


How to Use The Breathing To Calm The Mind And Body


Regulated breath, is always ruled by non-injury.  Never take breathing beyond your comfort,  Inhale or exhale as much air as possible within your capacity.  With practice, your capacity will increase, but this is not to be considered a contest to see how fast your body can adapt.  Breath is the science of restoring the body's natural rhythms by learning not to breath,  A complete diaphragmatic breath is made up of three distinct phharases involving the abdominal (belly) thoracic (min-lung), and clavicle (upper-lung) regions.   Diaphragmatic breathing is natural to a newborn baby, it's just automatic to them.


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