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What will the society of the future look like? Plato 2,000 years ago believed that society would ultimately be controlled by philosophers however we know that philosophers are only "ok" at controlling power. Resources and answering the needs of a growing population will be most likely. The key of the future is education. We have to educate our people so that we don't split into smaller groups that will eventually create war with each other because technology is not going to go backwards. Technology will only go forwards. Things will become more complicated in the future and we have to educate our people. A primary emphasis is on education so that they can meet the challenges of the future. For example artificial intelligence the two groups that are the main losers in artificial intelligence are:

A> Repetitive workers

B> Middle man college-educated middleman for example stockbrokers , people can buy stock on their wristwatch today you don't need a stockbroker So why do you go to a stock broker anyway. If you can buy stock on your wrist watch? The answer is you want intellectual capital advice, knowledge, experience, innovation , talent, foresight that's why you go to a stockbroker you want something that robots cannot provide and that is intellectual capital. Capital of the mind rather then capital of the hands and that's why we have to educate our people on the "Technology for your Psychology" Programs.

The three wealth generators in the near future will be

1. Artificial intelligence

2. Biotechnology

3. Nanotechnology

A combination of these three technologies will generate enormous wealth and prosperity in the future. But let's not be naive there's also the problem of nuclear proliferation, global warming and the possibility of germ warfare and so these are three technologies that could negatively impact on humanity not to mention that we have to worry about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence I think will will become an industry bigger then the automobile industry of today. I repeat I think the robotics industry will eventually become bigger than the automobile industry of today because your automobile will become a robot you will talk to your car, you will argue with your car, you car will park itself and monitor itself. Your car will become a robot but the danger is that robots at some point could become "self-aware" that is a tipping point. Robots todya do not know they are robots. Robots today have no idea that they are robots they may have that awareness by the end of this century. At that point they could become dangerous. When machines become self-aware. The robotics industry will become bigger than the automoblie industry of today. New inventors are pouring resources in. At the forum in Russia May 2018 they talked about what can happen to our society a entrepreneur had a theory that by the 

Education, Research, and Scholarships (Joy Events LLC) is planning integrative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies to provide affordable educational programs. Program healthcare and to eliminate diseases cost-effectively. For sponsorship and additional information, please email info@joyevents.LLC

Education and Research

On March 14, 2019, Joy Events LLC were acknowledged by Joy Jangdhari in hire measure to raise awareness of education for our school's project as we will train teachers to implement the program of Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!. The program will support research including immune system rejuvenation to facilitate cures depression and confusion for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other illnesses.

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