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Faith as we know it today 

Has divided humanity and it's very hard to fix it.  Has become the most incisive tools for the imperail on this plant.  whatever we are seeing as faith today,  has produced maximum extremist.  And much violence has happened in the name of faith.  The nature of human intellect is such, it natural wonders it has a certain kind of quest and seeking.  Which faith is trying to silence.  If you silence this you will silence all human potential and you will have  obedient people.  What we need is brillance.  It we are to make each human being a genius this atmosphere we have to create which we still have not made.  Limited goals that you take up they have become larger then life.  One book against each other we don't just burn each others books we burn people.  If this has to go faith has to mature in the sense.  Faith is not being senseless it is a recognition that there is an intelligence beyond our unlimited sense in the universe.  Recognizing there is a larger intelligence and finding ways and means to access that is what faith is about and right now it has ended up as riged dogmas.  It is time that we education system should be the basises of what it means to long in seeking to know.  If you destroy this seeking in the human being it is a natural force.  It will only die if you give them ready made answers.  Where is the wonder?  When they wonder it is not a set of dogma, it is this wonder and longing to know.  What was tobecome a unifying force has become a division process.  So many people should know what these great books that so many people worship they value it  more then there life.   

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