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Creative Intelligence

We live in a society in which we have accepted that education: is a solution to a higher quality of life,  It is, The trouble is, however, that we have never discovered what the word education means.  The word comes from the Latin educate, which means "to draw out of." Thus education should draw people out of themselves, It should provide people with an opportunity to grow in the areas of self-esteem and capability, in compassion for life and compassion for living.

  Since we never discovered what the meaning of the word education is,  we invented a meaning.  We invented the meaning "drum into" in place of meaning "draw out of."

As Peter Drucker points out, "When a subject becomes totally obsolete, we make it a required course.:" 

At the end of the "educational" process, we have become technically semi-competent human machines, and as creative human beings, we have turned into morons.

  Being semi-competent human machines allows us to turn on the morning coffee, drive on the freeway with semi safety, and go to the supermarket.  We can become some sort of professional machine. and get a job that just about allows us to pay for the coffee percolator, the automobile, and the groceries.


  We may even become brilliantly competent human machines, and thus be able to alter the physical environment and land a man on the moon and a television camera on Mars.  Unfortunately, its kind of education leaves us incompetent in the area of human relationships. 

  It leaves us hopelessly unprepared to be together in a loving, compassionate, joyful, and constructive way.

  We require a special kind of intelligence if we are going to be able to relate to one another successfully. 

We have to reacquire the ability to see each event or situation as unique and individual.  Then we have to be able to respond to the event or situation in a unique and appropriate way.

  Sadly we rarely do this, Instead, we relate to a person today the way we remember him being the last time we saw him.  If he is the same in this moment as he was in the past okay.

If he is not,  then the way we attempt to relate in this moment will be inappropriate,  If we are meeting someone for the first time, what we do is relate to him based upon some model of whom or what he represents to us, or whom he reminds us of.  If the model we have is accurate okay.  If it is not, then this way in which we will attempt to relate will be inappropriate.

  If we are going to relate in a way that works, we have to be able to view this moment together as a unique and individual moment and respond to this moment creatively, in a unique and individual way.  The degree to which we are able to do this is the measure of our creative human intelligence.

Let's kill some Sacred cows in the Arena of Human Growth

  As human beings, we are addicted to certainty;  we are also addicted to comfort.  We now come upon another addition: We are addicted to beliefs,  This addiction is very evident in the field of human growth.  

. I will review some of the most popular ideas.

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